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Things you should know:

  1. There are 8 notes that make up each scale.  
  2. The first and last notes of each scale are the same.   
  3. For example, the C Major Scale = C- D - E - F - G - A - B - C.
  4. This scale begins with C and ends with C.

Click play                                to hear the C Major scale.

Questions you might be asking:

What finger should I use to play each note?  Each finger on both hands has a number assignment.  

Your thumbs are 1.  

Your index fingers are 2.  

Your middle fingers are 3.  

Your ring fingers are 4.  

Your pinky fingers are 5.

This number assignment

is to be used when

playing all of the

scales you will learn.

Action Items:

Practice playing the notes of the C Major Scale with me using this virtual piano.  Just click on each key using your mouse. Be sure your speakers are on.  Practice this scale for at least 30 minutes.  Spend 10 minutes practicing with each hand separately. Then spend the last 10 minutes practicing with both hands at the same time.

C Major Scale

Lesson 1 - Learning the C Major Scale


1.  Identify the notes for C Major Scale.

2.  Play the notes for the C Major Scale.

What is our goal?  To play all major scales fluently starting with C and practicing them daily.

C D E F  G A  B C


When you play the C Major scale with your right hand (RH), you will play the first 3 notes accordingly–

C (1)-thumb

D (2)-index

E (3)-middle

Then cross the thumb under the middle finger to F (1).  


G (2)-index

A (3)-middle

B (4)-ring

C (5)-pinky

With your left hand (LH), you play:

C (5)-pinky

D (4)-ring

E (3)-middle

F (2)-index

G (1)-thumb

Then cross the middle finger over the thumb to A (3).  


B (2)-index

C (1)-thumb

Challenge: Can you play the C Major scale backwards?  Give it a try....

Lesson 1 - Learning the Major Scales (Review)—Posted May 12, 2011

In Lesson 1 we started learning the major scales.  You should be able to play the C Major Scale using both hands simultaneously.  To listen and see the scale played, click on the play button for each video clip.  

L1A-Playing the C Major Scale with the Right Hand (RH)

L1B-Playing the C Major Scale with the Left Hand (LH)

L1C-Playing the C Major scale with Both Hands (BH)

NOTE:  RH, LH, and BH will be used moving forward to denote when the right hand, left hand, or both hands should be used to complete your exercises. Pay special to how some digits might cross over or cross under to play the upper or lower part of a scale.  

***Focus on the thumb and middle finger movement.





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